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Vision Plans

River View Family Eyecare exists to provide the absolute best eye care to all of our patients - it's what we have been known for since our clinic opened in 2011.


We have made the decision to become an out-of-network provider, effective as of September 1, 2020, for VSP (vision service plan) and EyeMed vision plans. We can still be your eye doctors if you are enrolled in one of these plans! See below for more information.

Why did we become out-of-network providers? Certain insurance and vision plan companies have been tying our hands by placing limitations on your policies that, we feel, significantly compromise the level of care that we can provide. They restrict our choices in frames, lenses and contact lenses to force their members to use products they manufacture and these products are often of a lower quality. 

In addition, we refuse to fall into the current healthcare model of seeing as many patients as possible due to declining reimbursements and would rather focus on quality care.  

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First, the good news:

  • Many of our patients will be unaffected by this change, and even those with VSP/Eyemed often have medical eye exam benefits through their major medical insurance. 

  • We are still in network with many vision plans (listed here) and can utilize Health Savings and Flex Spending Accounts.    

  • Our eye exams will continue to far exceed the requirements of a VSP or Eyemed eye exam and we will be able to take the time to address all of your concerns.

  • We can still  be your eye doctors! Your insurance cannot and should not tell you who you can and cannot see.


  • For all of our patients with out of network vision plans, we will be offering a 25% discount on annual eye examinations as well as discounts on all of our unique and beautiful eyewear. Click here to see our fees.

  • We will provide you with your claim, receipt and a stamped envelope so that you can receive reimbursement directly from your vision plan. Please click here to read more about your vision plan and their out of network benefits.

The Other News:

We have been disheartened to hear about the information being provided to our patients when they call their vision plan. These vision plans make money when you go to their contracted providers so they are highly motivated to influence you.


While we can't control what your vision plan representative tells you, we can give you accurate information so that you can make your own decision about your care.

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Your vision plan may tell you that all eye care is the same so you shouldn't go to an out of network provider.  


This simply isn't true. You can't provide the same level of care in a ten minute exam as you can in 30 minutes.


Read our reviews. Click here for a list of what our eye exams include. 

Your vision plan may tell you that you don't have out of network benefits when you actually do. 


Yes, our patients are reporting that their vision plan is telling them we are being untruthful and that they don't have out of network benefits. We are able to verify if a patient does or doesn't have benefits using a third party.


We operate with 100% honesty and transparency, which is why we've published our fee schedule and do our best to quote you any out of pocket expense before you come in. 

Vision plans make money when you go to a contracted provider and they lose money when you don't.

They have made out of network benefits more difficult to determine and they have started taking these benefits away from their members.


For out of network reimbursement  we've seen the following: 

  • $40 to $50 for an eye exam

  • $70 to $120 for contact lenses

  • $70 to $100 for frames

  • $35 to $100 for lenses 

Your vision plan may tell you that you will end up paying much more for your glasses. 


The way your vision plan has set up copays and incentives to use the products they make, you probably will pay more at our office. If cost is a concern, we will gladly provide you with your prescription after your exam.


We will continue to use the lenses and lens treatments that we know are the best and hand select boutique, high quality frames based on what our patients love. We will continue to warranty our products and meet the needs of our patients without restrictions from vision plans.

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