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Double Vision

We work with many patient with double vision and a condition called Vertical Heterophoria and have become a referral resource for difficult to treat patients.

A double vision (diplopia) exam requires more testing than a routine eye examination:

A thorough case history is taken to evaluate possible causes of your double vision and your specific needs.

The health of the eyes, externally and internally, are assessed. The eye muscles are evaluated for palsy or weakness.

Alignment of the eyes (eye teaming) is measured in different distances and positions of gaze.

A refraction is performed to determine the prescription, which is used to help treat your double vision at specific areas or distances.

Treatment may include: 




*Vision Therapy

*A referral to     another       specialist​

Eyeglass Display
Possible Causes of double vision include:
  • Strabismus
  • Concussion/Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Vertical Heterophoria
  • Incorrect prescription
  • Visual Fatigue
  • Computer Vision Syndrome 
  • Eye muscle palsy
  • To schedule, please just let us know if you are requesting a double vision exam. You can use our online scheduler and select Dr. Emmert as your provider.

  • If you haven't had an eye examination in the past year, we will perform a full eye health evaluation. Depending on the complexity of your vision, some people require two visits. 

  • Because a thorough case history helps in our diagnosis and treatment, a separate questionnaire may be sent prior to your visit. 

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