Do we accept your insurance? 

Many people are unaware that we can bill your medical insurance for common eye and vision complaints like cataracts, dry eyes, double vision and allergies..


We can also bill your medical insurance for eye exams when you have diabetes, hypertension, a concussion/traumatic brain injury and headaches, just to name a few.

We accept many major medical insurances including:

  • ODS/Moda

  • Samaritan

  • Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield

  • Medicare

  • Intercommunity Health Network

  • Pacific Source

  • Providence

  • Tricare

  • First Choice Health Network

  • Healthnet


If your insurance company is not listed above, please call our office and we will let you know if we are in your network.



(541) 967-3097

No vision insurance? No problem.

Unsure about your insurance benefits?

Today it's relatively common to have a vision benefits plan in addition to your medical insurance. This can lead to confusion about whether you should use your vision benefit or your medical insurance when you visit your eye doctor.

Vision benefit exams are limited, eye-health examinations that include a refraction test, which checks to see whether you need glasses or contact lenses. Certain screening tests may be done for ocular disease, but the primary purpose of a vision benefit examination is to measure your vision.

Your medical insurance should be used if you have any eye problems or disease, or if you have any medical conditions that are known to cause eye problems. A medical eye examination is performed to diagnose and treat diseases of the eye. It is more detailed and complex than a refraction/vision examination.