Professional Fees

We believe in fee transparency and are happy to offer an in-house Healthy Eyes Plan. The Healthy Eyes plan is for those wishing to forgo insurance billing or for those without coverage.


The Healthy Eyes Plan doesn't cost anything and provides a 25% savings on our very comprehensive annual exam and optomap retinal imaging. When no insurance is being billed, we are able to extend a prompt (same day) payment discount of 25%. 

Same day payment total: $212

The Healthy Eyes Plan also extends a  10% savings on eyewear and a 10% savings on an annual supply of contact lenses. 

*All of our adult examinations include an iWellness scan with Optical Coherence Tomography - one of the most advanced ways to check for early glaucoma and age-related macular degeneration

Exam pricing  breakdown

A comprehensive, annual eye exam includes:

  1. Medical eye examination       $179 new patient OR​​

                                                        established ​

  2. Refraction (determination of prescription)   $59    

For a billed total of: $238

We offer advanced optomap retinal screenings for $35.

Click here for a list of the tests and assessments performed in our very thorough eye exams. 

Other Services:

  • Problem/Intermediate/Dry Eye/Emergency (medical insurance billable): $95-250

  • Vision Therapy Evaluation (medical insurance billable)   $303 

    • Some Vision Therapy Evaluations require additional testing or a second appointment, which is discussed at your visit if needed: $95-$200

      • Vision Field 

      • Fundus Photography 

      • OCT 

      • Intermediate exam


  • Glaucoma Testing/Care (medical insurance billable)   $95-$350

  • Contact Lens Evaluation (not always covered by insurance): all patients who wear contact lenses require additional examination components to ensure optimal vision and eye health and the fee varies based on complexity.

    • Level 1 (established, no change or followup): $25
    • Level 2 (established with some change): $65

    • Level 3 (New fit, straight forward): $100

    • Level 4 (Multifocal fit - see without readers): $160

    • Level 5 (complex fit, medically necessary): $200-$1000



         *Levels 2-5 Diagnostic lenses included

         *Levels 3-5 include up to 3 no-charge followups

         *The doctor will determine which level is required             and will discuss this with you during your exam.

  • Copays and coinsurance due at the time of service. If deductible applies, or if no insurance is being used for your care, payment is due at the time of service.