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Healthy Vision For The Whole Family

Albany's Highest Rated Optometrists For Complete Eye Care


Vision Solutions

See Well

Feel Great

Improved Quality

Of Life

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Is your child struggling? Click the video about learning related vision difficulties.

When it comes to you or your family's eyesight

are you tired of...

Dealing with the frustration of the same unsolved vision problems year after year?

The fear that your eyesight is getting worse?

Feeling like you are "settling" for a lower quality of life due to poor eyesight?

Seeing your children struggle to perform to their potential in academics or sports due to undiagnosed vision problems?

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With all the technology that exists today,
you and your family deserve to see well
AND feel great.
At River View Family Eyecare you will receive:
  • Peace of mind knowing that you and your family have a personalized treatment plan to see more clearly.

  • Individualized attention without feeling like just another dollar sign or number.

  • Customized solutions to complex vision problems.

  • Confidence that you will be well taken care of by a friendly Optometrist and improve your quality of life.

Perscription Glasses

We know your vision matters. We have the privilege of listening to our patients on a daily basis as they share their vision challenges and their hope for a solution.

Eye Exam

Over the last 10 years we've become the go-to referral source for hard to solve vision problems. We've had the joy of helping thousands of patients not only see clearly, but overcome complex vision problems and improve their quality of life.

What We Do

The best complete eyecare possible.

We take a whole body approach to optimizing your vision.

More than just eye exercises. Individualized progressive program of vision procedures performed under doctor supervision.

One-on-one shopping experience. Frames and lenses that not only compliment, but improve your life.


Walk-ins welcome.

We utilize the latest contact lens technology to give you the clearest, healthiest and most comfortable vision possible.

Primary Eyecare

Vision Therapy


Contact Lenses

Photo of Doctor Stephanie Emmert Optometrist


Just like the rest of your experience at River View Family Eyecare, selecting your eyewear should be comfortable and fun. We will help you every step of the way so that you find the frames and lenses that not only compliment, but improve, your life!

Our optical is walk-in! No appointment necessary.

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Steps To Better Vision

Schedule An Eye Exam

Schedule An Eye Exam

See Well & Feel Great

See Well & Feel Great

Schedule An Eye Exam


Create A Personalized Treatment Plan

Small Child with Large Glasses

See Well & Feel Great

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What Our Patients Are Saying


Coming to River View Family Eyecare has opened the doors  for my 8 year old daughter. Being properly treated for vision problems through glasses and vision therapy has helped her blossom into a more confident girl who has developed a love of reading. She jumped 3 grade levels in reading in the first semester after her diagnosis and treatment! Thank you for making this such a positive experience and environment! 

- Kim Holmes


I saw Dr. Kelly for the first time yesterday. He was very kind. He took extra time to explain to me how a normal eye worked vs how my eyes were working. I really appreciated the explanation. He also took the time to show me each part of the images of my eye. I am a nursing student which he knew and I thought it was awesome that he was willing to take the few extra minutes to teach me. The office was well cleaned! I felt comfortable there. I would definitely recommend.

- Jade R



Our whole family has been going to RiverView Family Eyecare for years and I can’t rave about Dr Emmert and Dr Batey enough!! They are both so patient and explain everything that’s happening in a way that puts all my kiddos at ease!! They work so hard to make sure that we are 100% happy and that our eyes are doing well with any change that is made!! Their entire staff are amazing as well!! Always smiling and positive, makes it a joy to go!!

- Pollyanna S

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So, stop feeling frustrated or worried about your vision and eye health.
Schedule an eye exam today for your whole family so you can all see well, feel great, and have a better quality of life.
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